#93 – Charlie Hartwell — Where Wellness Meets Tech

11 May 2020


“We look for integrative entrepreneurs with managed egos that have a concept … that over a period of time become large global platforms to help create improvement in the human condition.” — Charlie Hartwell

In this episode, Charlie shares about his mission of co-creating a global movement around wellness.  We chat about what he looks for in a founder before investing, what his philosophy of “Go Deeper” means, and the future of health-care (software as a drug).  Enjoy!

About Charlie:

Charlie is a change agent who shepherds ideas, resources and talent to drive global sustainable growth. Passionate about transformation and innovation; a leader who ignites teams to accomplish remarkable results.  Currently, he’s the Managing Partner for Bridge Builders Collaborative, leading investors in start-ups in the space of mental wellness, consciousness, and spirituality. Bridge Builders are pioneering investors in the field, having invested in such companies as Insight Timer, Happify, Headspace, Pear Therapeutics.

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Facebook:  ShiftIt_Inst