#94 – Cameron Brown — On Curiosity, Creating Space for the Unknown, and Living an Extraordinary Life

12 May 2020


“Curiosity, creativity, vulnerability, innovation, all of these things are unknown.  When you need to know the answer, you are heading in the exact opposite direction to where creativity lives.” — Cameron Brown

In this free flowing conversation, Cameron shares about his unique journey to how he now gives unique keynote speeches combining his musicality with lyrics on human behavior and psychology.  We chat about his creative processes and how you can cultivate more creativity in your life, the importance of great questions, how to foster innovation within your company culture, how to implement your innovative ideas and so much more.  Enjoy!

About Cameron:

Cameron empowers people to create lasting change. He does this through executive coaching for c-level executives and their teams, delivering experiential talks with a grand piano live on stage, and writing music about human behavior and the world we live in.  Cameron has been featured in the media in 7 different countries, spoken at events across 4 continents, and his music has been streamed millions of times across 195 countries and been featured in a range of short films and documentaries.

You can find Cameron at:


LinkedIn / IG / FB / Youtube @cameronbrownreal