#74 – Kevin Lawrence — The Root of Burnout, Taking out the Emotional Trash & Exceptional Leadershi

27 March 2020


“The core [of burnout] is we are managing many more things at a faster pace than we ever have in our life.”  — Kevin Lawrence

In this episode, Kevin gives us the wisdom/tools on how to process our emotions and get rid of our emotional junk that so often holds us back in life and business.  We also chat about the value of tough conversations, the importance of only accepting awesome people into your life and common pitfalls of leaders.  This episode is jammed-packed with valuable life/business skills - enjoy! (FYI please forgive the audio quality on Jake’s end - it was a bad internet day!)

About Kevin:

Kevin Lawrence is relentless in helping entrepreneurial CEOs and executives to build and maintain tremendous success in business and a full rich personal life. Kevin is author of Your Oxygen Mask First.

You can find Kevin at: