#78 – Gregg Kendrick — Leadership that Honors the Dignity of Human Beings

14 April 2020


“Power doesn’t rest in a single person; the source of power rests in groups of people.” — Gregg Kendrick

In this episode, we talk about approaching work/life more compassionately that serves everyone, namely through NVC (Nonviolent Communication) by serving human needs.  We talk about why ‘power-with’ leadership is so effective instead of ‘power-over’. and creates a healthy culture.  We also chat about how you can implement these ways of communicating into your business to create a healthy and supportive culture.  Enjoy!

About Gregg:

Gregg is the founder of Basileia and has been a full-time consultant/trainer since 2004. Using human needs-based frameworks and processes, such as needs-based communication (NVC™️), the Cultural Transformation Tools of Barrett Values Centre, or the Sociocratic Circle Method, he supports leaders to activate the human potential of themselves, their teams and their organization. His speciality is "whole-team" facilitated conversations that deepen connection among team members while advancing the team toward its goals.

You can find Gregg at:


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