#79 – Debbra Sweet — Re-connecting with Your Purpose & Self

16 April 2020


“You can have the best systems, processes and procedures, but if you, as the human, are not fully ignited, in the process and system … it will not work.”  — Debbra Sweet

In this episode, we talk about the reasons why so many people are disconnected with their work/purpose and the framework to re-connect with your core purpose.  We talk about the ‘h factor’, a frame that Debbra teaches leaders to integrate into their businesses for sustainable success.  Debbra also shares the insights she walked away with about the brain and human mind after suffering a brain injury.  Enjoy!

About Debbra:

New York Times bestselling author and award-winning leadership performance coach, Debbra Sweet, said flying head first into a concrete wall at age 18 saved her life and the subsequent 30-year fight to overcome significant health disruptions fueled her victories. Today she leads with cutting-edge insights on how to overlay subconscious change, neuroscience and business growth strategy skill sets; strategically trailblazing how we learn to do life in business and triumph along the way.

You can find Debbra at:

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