#80 – Michael Pink — How to Use Real-Estate for Good

21 April 2020


“I want people to [use this framework] because it’s good for them to do so, and by doing that, unavoidably you create shared value.” — Michael Pink

In this episode, we talk about Michael’s experience as a kid that made him aware of the injustice in the world which sparked him on a journey using business for good.  He also shares about how he uses the real-estate market for good and how to replicate the model to create massive positive impact across the globe.  Enjoy!

About Michael:

Michael has been a commercial real estate broker for 30+ years, specializing as an Office Tenant-Rep. He has handled nearly 900 projects for taxable and tax-exempt clients since founding MAP Real Estate in 1986 in the Chicago-metro market. To scale a philanthropic program Michael began in 1995, he and his partner founded Investing In Communities®, a web-based social enterprise that leverages ubiquitous real estate brokerage industry dynamics to establish an otherwise unavailable source of funding for the social sector by redirecting and then repurposing a widespread marketing expense of brokers and agents.

You can find Michael at:


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