#81 – Carl Seidman — The New Work-Life & Retirement Path

23 April 2020


“I’m a deep believer in not just diversifying yourself for employability … but really for the depth of your character.” — Carl Seidman

In this episode Carl shares his journey of leaving the traditional path for the new one, reinventing himself at 32 years old.  We also talk about what retirement will look like since people born now are projected to live to 150 years old, as well as employee disengagement, why employees are actually more powerful than their employers, how to establish boundaries, manage your time more efficiently, and more.  Enjoy!

About Carl:

Carl Seidman is a trusted business advisor specializing in financial planning & analysis (FP&A) business strategy, and finance transformation. He coaches and advises FP&A professionals at Fortune 500 corporations and middle-market companies, helping establish best practices, processes, and sustainable business models. At the same time, he brings finance professionals greater control over their careers by helping them build their skills while eliminating time-wasting activities and mistakes. Carl is a CPA and has earned other professional credentials including CIRA, CFF, CFE, and AM.

You can find Carl at:



LinkedIn @ Carl Seidman

TEDx Talk:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyahH2o9AAk

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