#84 – Stephanie Judd — Storytelling & The Fundamentals of Influence

30 April 2020


“If you want to live in the world of inspiration and engagement, you, yourself as a human being, have to become compelling and likable” — Stephanie Judd

In this episode, Stephanie shares her journey of how she started her company Wolf & Heron.  We also chat about what makes a compelling leader, the secret formula to influential storytelling and why its so important to have that skill as a leader.  In this episode, you’ll get the formula to develop and sharpen your storytelling skills.  Enjoy!

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Judd is one of the founders of Wolf & Heron, an organization that studies what makes people inspired. They help event organizers plan and execute events designed for maximum participant engagement, facilitate interactive workshops that teach powerful skills of engagement (the most popular of which isInfluential Storytelling), and work with leaders one-on-one as coaches.Past clients include household names like Facebook, Delta Air Lines and the University of Michigan. Stephanie is an internationally sought-after speaker and facilitator, and her signature approach has been described as "Awesome! Like legit, awesome!" 

You can find Stephanie at:


IG @ Wolfandheron_leadership

LinkedIn @ Wolfandheron 

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