#85 – Frank Fitzpatrick — Beyond Performance

01 May 2020


“I’ve learned that for me to show up authentically as a leader … I’ve had to become a master of my own inner world.” — Frank Fitzpatrick

In this episode, Frank gives us tools to live a life of radical self-care and grow our self-mastery to face life’s challenges with grace.  We also chat about Frank’s own burnout experience and how he has shifted his approach to work and life to create more inherent holistic sustainability.  We also chat about how to access deep states of creativity and aligning them with our natural brain states.  Enjoy!

About Frank:

Fitzpatrick is a visioneer and committed advocate for transforming the human spirit through the power of creativity. As a multi­-platinum selling record producer, Grammy-­nominated songwriter, social entrepreneur and award-­winning filmmaker, he has created hundreds of successful programs and contributed to over $1B in international box office revenues.

You can find Frank at: