#86 – Camille Laurente — Stories for Good

04 May 2020


“Anybody can be a change maker.  Anybody can start a movement or create a positive impact in their neighborhood or their area or their organization.”  — Camille Laurente

In this episode, Camille shares with us why she started a podcast production company focused around storytelling that inspires social change.  She shares how she goes about curating her content, landing awesome guests, and tips on growing your podcast.  She also shares some main lessons she’s learned from interviewing amazing people from all scopes of life bringing about positive change to people and the planet, as well as some silver linings from the covid-19 pandemic.  Enjoy!

About Camille:

Camille is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hueman Group Media, an audio-first company that inspires social change through impactful, high-caliber content. HGM produces podcasts for nonprofit organizations, social impact brands and thought leaders to amplify conversations around today’s most important issues — whether it’s gender equality, climate change, the refugee crisis or mental health.

You can find Camille at:


IG @sincerelyhueman

Twitter @hueman_media

LinkedIn @Hueman Group Media

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