#88 – Justine Burt — The Great Pivot (to a sustainable world)

06 May 2020


“We need millions of people working full time on these different projects to [build the sustainable future we need].”  — Justine Burt

In this episode, we talk all things sustainability: the importance of creating millions of new jobs and how we actually do that, stories of people creating green jobs in innovate and positive ways in the public/private/non-profit sector, how a sustainable economy benefits middle class Americans, the lessons we can take from the covid-19 pandemic that we can apply to climate change, prison integration and more.  Enjoy!

About Justine:

Justine Burt is the Founder + CEO of Appraccel, an environmental sustainability consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works with clients in the private, public and non-profit sector to successfully implement sustainability projects.

You can find Justine at:


FB @ The Great Pivot

Twitter @justinesburt

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